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Love never gets old

Whether you’re 35 or 75, self-consciousness can stand in the way of love. But, after you embrace your wrinkles and well-earned laughter lines, the rest comes easy. New love is a timeless and an incomparable experience; it never stops being

exhilarating and addictive...

Judi Dench

Star of stage, screen... and Tik Tok!

Jewel in the crown

Multi award winning Ashurst Mews

Tale of the Century

Meet our super centenarian Jack Evans

Postcards of Kindness

Everyone loves a postcard...

VE Day

Honouring our own Avery hero

Love never gets old

Senior romance solutions

So Far, yet so close

From A to Zoom... Stay in touch with your loved ones

Hard to swallow

Understanding Dysphagia

Memory lane...

English brands of yesteryear

Happy Christmas

Stress-free gift solutions

Dirty Genes: Understanding the functionality

of our genes with celebrity Doctor Ben Lynch

postcardsofkindness square.jpg

Acts of Kindness

Postcards of Kindness is a fantastic

initiative which encourages people to reach out and connect with residents of care homes through the simple and nostalgic act of writing and sending a postcard...

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Art Therapy

My dad’s been retired for more than ten years and for the first time I can remember, recently complained of boredom – granted we were living in the third month of Corona’s shadow, so he was no doubt missing the grandkids, but he’s a lifelong birdwatcher who happily spends four hours most days staring out to sea through binoculars...

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